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Poster: Democracy Now! Date: Jan 4, 2007 2:54pm
Forum: democracy_now_vid Subject: Ogg Theora!

Hi folks,

We are currently making an experiment of producing Ogg Theora versions of our show each day. Theora is a non-patent-encumbered codec from the same organization which produced the audio codec Vorbis.

We have been making these files since December 20, so it is very new for us and there may still be some bugs in the process.

To get to the files, visit the item details page for the show you want (for example: today's), click the "All Files: HTTP" link, and download the .ogg file there. Then, you can play the file in your choice of player.

Update 2007-01-04: The Archive staff has now made it possible to download these files directly from the collection page without going through the extra "All Files" step.

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